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Past Articles for 2005

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Various student-contributors Emerging Chefs #3
Ammini Ramachandran Indian Chinese: Why This Fine Fusion?
Fabio Parasecoli Chinese Food Ways in Italy
Gary Allen Bookmarking Chinese Food on the Internet
Harley Spiller Fujian Wedding Feast
  Mott Street in July
  Menu Testimonials
  Philadelphia: City of Brothy Love
  Rock Solid Knowledge
Irving Beilin Chang Origin of a Chinese Recipe: Beef with Ho Fun
  Origins of a Chinese Recipe: The Story of Mo Sho Rou
Jacqueline M. Newman Suzhou and Its American Sister City
  San Francisco's Menus, Culinary and Cultural
  Fennel: The New-old Chinese Spice
  Rice Wine article by the editor in 2005
  TOPICS INCLUDE: The eight immortals; Chef Lee's restaurant article; More kudos; Cheese powder; About SPIRAL; Was it my recommendation; Early La Choy pamphlet pictures; Chinese Bunting and Ku Ding teas
  Chinese Restaurants in America: An Exhibit
  On Menus in Brugge and Ghent
  TOPICS INCLUDE: Seasonal foods; Roosters; Tripe Swatow-style: Book review rearrangements; Business cards; Fish maw: Distiller's grain; Bride and Groom keepsakes; Razor clam and tripe recipe
  TOPICS INCLUDE: Stuffed tripe; Wanting a recipe; Compliments; Top cuisines; Pork floss; Seasonal foods; Boba; Tiger bone; Egg carving; Testing a bride; Early Chinese restaurants in the USA; Chinese caloric intake; Panning for gold; Oxtail recipe error
  Emerging Chefs #1
  Han Dynasty Foods
  Multi-lingual Health Resource
  Fu Pei Mei---Tribute to a Recipe Master
  Sauce Sources
  Zhuang People in China
  Restaurant Reviewing ABC's
  TOPICS: Chinese Cooking at Home video; Web sites; Free encyclopedia; New York City's Chinatown; Taiwanese/Japanese influences; Mama Quon and her son ; Chef Chu in Los Altos CA; Eastern Noodles; Kyrgyz cooking
  Chicken: Chinese Style
  Mangosteen: A Queen of Fruits
  Turmeric: A Flavoring for Wine and Food
  On Many Menus: In the San Francisco Bay Area
  Spices: Mustard Seed
  TOPICS: Chinese Restaurant documentaries; Grated cheese powder; Meyer lemons; Soybeans; Buddhism; Seasonal foods; Salt Lake City
  Emerging Chefs #2
  Wraps, Chinese Style
  All Asia Food Expo Report
  Top 100 Chinese Restaurants--2004
  TOPICS INCLUDE: Maligning Chinese food; Substitues for Sichuan pepper and ginger paste; White tea; Dim sum; Error in Top 100; Chinese eat less calories
Len du Midi Chinese Food in Holland

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