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Past Articles for 2016

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Fa-Tai Shieh Senior Citizen Lunch Boxes
Florence Meyers Tribute to Irving Chang, A
Lu Ying China's Ancient 'Book of Songs'
Harley Spiller Loving Chinese Food, Menus, and Cookbooks
Jacqueline M. Newman Mangoes are Marvelous
  TOPICS INCLUDE: Ponzu sauce; Spoon measurements; Next Food Conference; Seafood articles kudos; Qufu and Mt. Tai; Keeping count; An apology
  Chinese Lunar Year: Its Festivals and Foods
  Yi Pin, A Restaurant in South Africa's Port Elizabeth
  Chinese Cuisine Has Central Asian Roots
  Sea Vegetables: More Information
  TOPICS INCLUDE: F&F Corrections; Ketchup in Indonesia; Chinese crab beliefs; Zheng He; Taiwan, a food lovers paradise; Dishes named by ingredients; Donating a bought book; 1st Chinese restaurant in US; Green tea; Ginger-pickled walnuts; Hezhen man
  Crab, Cuttlefish, and Conch
  Questions About Confucius
  Sugar: A Hidden Ingredient
  Pork Sung is Pork Floss
  Xian: An Early Chinese Capital
  Fruits Are Very Popular: Part I
  Gelo: Minority Folk and Their Food
  Fruits are Very Popular: Part II
  Squid, Snails, and Salamanders; Sea Vegetables, too
  Shrimp, Lobsters, and Scallops, continued
  Qiaoguo, also called Qixi, is for Lovers
  Early Chinese Food: Neolithic To Now
  Chinese Food, Medicine, and Health
  Confucius: On Food and Eating
  Vegetarianism: An Update
  Egg Yolks: High and Heavenly
  Mustard Greens: Plain and Perky
  Garlic and Ginger: Chinese Lore and Loves
  TOPICS INCLUDE: Chinese New Year; Maritime Silk Road; Chinese religions; Graves of deceased; Song dishes in Hangzhou; Seal scripts; A belt and a donut; Feeding parents with an incurable disease; Hasma recipe
  Lunar Year Festivals and Foods
  Minorities, Muslims, and Halal Food
  Lamb Revisited
  Yugurs and Uygurs: Two Different Ethnic Minority Populations
  Astralagus is Milk Vetch
  TOPICS INCLUDE: Religious monasteries in Mongolia; Chinese characters; Shi Jing; Information about illegal workers; Burdock; Vancouver menu exhibition; Lamb recipes; Rice cakes and potato disks
  Fish Lips, Fish Cheeks,and Fish Air Bladders
  Flowers: For Fantastic Flavor
Zhengyu Liu Chinese Food Research in Japan
  Chinese Food Research in Japan

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