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Past Articles for Issue 13(1)

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S-B-S and Chinese Restaurant News Top 100 Chinese Restaurants---2005
Harley Spiller Joseph Poon: The Closing of his Restaurant
  Food Biz of Two Chan Generations
Imogene Lim Mostly Mississippi: Chinese Cuisine Made In America
Jacqueline M. Newman TOPICS: Exploding Asian populations; Languages spoken in China; Olympics 2008; Almond and drumstick mushrooms;
  Chinese Cookbook Collection and Online Data Base at Stony Brook University
  Cruising for Chinese Restaurants in Europe
  Licorice for Seasoning and Healing
  Portland is Suzhou's Sister City
  Mushrooms of Immortality
  Shang Dynasty Foods
  TOPICS INCLUDE: About Len du Midi; Emperor Qian Long; White tea; Celebrating Double Ten
  Iron Eggs

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