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Past Articles for Issue 13(2)

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Cheng, Shirley Chengdu: The Cradle of Sichuan Cuisine
Newman, Jacqueline M. TOPICS: Mango pudding; Pet peeves; Museums in China; Dragon Beard candy; Black grass jelly; Angela Cheng update
  On the Menu: In Taiwan
  On Menus: In California
  Chinese Restaurant Beginnings
  Tang Dynasty: Foods and Food Behaviors
  Jellyfish: A Royal Texture Food
  TOPICS INCLUDE: Crossing the Bridge noodles; Restaurant reminder; Recipe correction: Kudos for color; McDonald's in China; Dongan Duck
Siegel, Don Why My Love for Chinese Food
Spiller, Harley New Noodles
  Beijing Banquet
White, Jill A. Durian: Daring to Eat This Noisome Delicacy

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