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Past Articles for Issue 22(2)

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Lu Ying Sugar Figures: Drawn or Blown
Moffat, Claire Authentic Chinese Cuisine: A Reader's View
Newman, Jacqueline M. Jumping (like frogs and rabbits) in Jiangsu; Elsewhere, Too
  TOPICS INCLUDE: Wood ear fungi; Sandpot cooking; A Chinese Food Encyclopedia; Our Water Shield recipe; Pig's Knucles; Crocodiles; Oyster Purse Omelettes; Pork Tendons; Wine-lees; Stewed Kidneys; Ketchup; Restaurants in Flushing
  Chinese-Indian Cuisine
  Zhejiang: A Crowded Small Province
  Tongue: A Textured Organ Meat
  Hani: A Mostly Mountainous Chinese Ethnic Popuation
Wang Si 'She:' An Ethnic Minority Population
Weijie Wu Cinnamon in Traditional Chinese Cuisine
Zheng Siyang Shanxi And Its Decorative Art

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