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Past Articles for 2014

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2014 21(1) Lotus: Sacred, Special, and Symbolic
2014 21(1) Tujia: China's 7th Largest Minority
2014 21(1) TOPICS INCLUDE: Hezhen ethnic minority; Chinese restaurant Top 2013 Awards wall; Mintz corrects sugar information; Yikou not a food but Qikou is; Pickled Vegetables
2014 21(1) Singapore
2014 21(1) Lamb
2014 21(1) Bitter Melons Need Love
2014 21(1) Numbers: More than Enumerators
2014 21(1) Egg Yolks: Many Kinds Used Many Ways
2014 21(2) Fermented Black Beans
2014 21(2) Fish Maw Revisted
2014 21(2) TOPICS INCLUDE: Seaweeds and body organs; Lou Wai Lou's founding; Chinese Restaurant News starts; Sichuan peppercorns tingle; Beggars Chicken in Hangzhou; Children and chopstick use; Round cakes at Mid-autumn Festival
2014 21(2) Dongbei Delicacies: The Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning Provinces
2014 21(2) Celtuce
2014 21(2) Unusual Ingredients: Updated
2014 21(2) New Year Minority Celebrations
2014 21(3) Seaweed
2014 21(3) Wheat and Other Flour Foods
2014 21(3) Small Birds, Big Tastes
2014 21(3) TOPICS INCLUDE: About Zheng He and his treasure ships; Early Chinese writings; Mandarin Restaurant in Bountiful, Utah says thanks; Recommended eatery in Austin Texas; Aromatic foods in Shaoxing; A Mongolian hangover cure; Health web sites
2014 21(3) Hong Kong Food and Features
2014 21(3) Taiwan's Birds Nest
2014 21(3) Emerging Chefs
2014 21(3) Oxtail: Adored By Emperors and Ordinary Folk
2014 21(3) Moon Cakes
2014 21(3) Chayote
2014 21(4) Hunan Cuisine: Sichuan's Piquant Cousin
2014 21(4) Flavor and Fortune:To Date
2014 21(4) Oysters and Oyster Sauce
2014 21(4) Mongolia And Its Foods
2014 21(4) Chopsticks: Their Interesting Hstory
2014 21(4) Taiwan and Its Foods
2014 21(4) Chinese- Americans and Their Food
2014 21(4) On The Menu at Golden Palace
2014 21(4) Hunan Cuisine: Sichuan's Piquant Cousin
2014 21(4) Flavor and Fortune: To Date
2014 21(4) Henan Cuisine: China's Culinary Cradle
2014 21(4) Artemisia Meals in Enshi, China
2014 21(4) Uygur: China's Fifth Largest Minority Group
2014 21(4) Father Boym Illustrates a Chinese Banquet
2014 21(4) TOPICS INCLUDE: Error found about numbering; The Chinese use of cupping; The mooncake exhibition at Stony Brook University; Historical Chinese food; Needing an English-language map of Hangzhou
2014 22(1) Chinese: South of the US Border
2014 22(4) 36 Traditional Specialties of Hangzhou Cuisine

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