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Past Articles for Issue 14(3)

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A Chat with Kylie Kwong
Fall  200714(3)
A Trove of Chinese Cookbooks
Fall  200714(3)
Banquet Beauty is a Small Suburb (Lotus East II in Mt. Sinai NY)
Fall  200714(3)
Chinese Yam
Fall  200714(3)
Dong: A Chinese Nationality
Fall  200714(3)
Dumplings by Vanessa
Fall  200714(3)
Lapsang Souchong Tea
Fall  200714(3)
Lotus: Loved, Luscious, and Honored
Fall  200714(3)
On Menus: In Northern Mexico (at Restaurant Shanjai, and Restaurant Mandarin China, both in Chihuahua Mexico)
Fall  200714(3)
On Our Bookshelves
Fall  200714(3)
TOPICS INCLUDE: Chinatown event; Pun-choi; Macanese eatery; Portland news; Imitation shark's fin; Dragon fruit; Dongbei eateries; Black rose dish; Kudos; Yeast balls; Haw and dragon fruit; Dried oyster pancakes; Chung Young Festival
Fall  200714(3)

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