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Chopstick Helpers

by Jacqueline M. Newman

Equipment and Techniques

Spring Volume: 1995 Issue: 2(1) page(s): 11

I came across an interesting new product in an advertisement. It cleverly replaces and is a lot more sightly and sanitary than the folded paper and the tightly twisted rubber bands my grandson uses when he eats Chinese food. These Chopstick Helpers are meant to be useful teaching aids as you enjoy the cultural experience eating the traditional way. They are great for the handicapped and useful for those blessed with two left hands.

Made of stainless steel, each small bent piece of metal awaits the insertion of a chopstick at either end. Lickety-split, the two sticks become sprightly and anyone-can-manage-them. When I tried them, I learned that it was possible to hold them properly or clumsily. Either way, I could garner piece after piece of food quickly and easily. Also learned that I never needed to even the ends, I’ll miss that noise in Chinese restaurants should they become popular.

Users of these helpers will never worry about cramps in the fingers, or the possibility, and often for novices, the probability of dropping a chopstick to the floor. In addition, if you are one who is embarrassed about your ack of dexterity, fear no more for these are quick-trick-even-for-the-klutz Chopstick helpers.

The Consumer Product Division of I..L. International sells a set of 20 Chopstick Helpers for a mere $9.95 plus a hefty $3.95 for shipping and handling. A set of ten can be had with an equal number of pairs of chopsticks for the same cost and shipping prices. For either or both, send check or money order to I.D.L International at 1479 Gordy Drive in San Jose, CA 95131. When I did, I received prompt delivery of these simple-to-use, east-to-clean, clever items.

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