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There are 1054 articles.

There are 140 unique authors of these articles.

Allen, Gary (5 articles)
Anderson, E.N. (1 article)
Ang, Cathy (2 articles)
Anusasananan, Linda Lau (2 articles)
Asanovic, Susan (4 articles)
Bai Chingshun (1 article)
Ball, Carole (1 article)
Betts, Ashley (1 article)
Braverman, Susan (8 articles)
Chan, Wendy and Lee J. King (1 article)
Chang, Angela (2 articles)
Chang, Irving Beilin (27 articles)
Chang, Wonona Wong (14 articles)
Chang, Wonona Wong and Irving Beilin (1 article)
Chen, Helen (3 articles)
Chen, Teresa M. (5 articles)
Cheng, Shirley (1 article)
Cheng, Shirley, and Her Students (1 article)
Chinese Restaurant News (4 articles)
Chong, Raymond Douglas (1 article)
Chong, Raymond Douglas with Osumi, Tony (1 article)
Chou, Lillian (3 articles)
Cilia, Tanja (1 article)
Coe, Andrew (2 articles)
Comstock, Karen (1 article)
Cramer, Marc (2 articles)
Culinary Historians of New York (1 article)
Davis, Netta (1 article)
Diamond, Jamie (1 article)
Doubrava, Christina M. (1 article)
Du Guohui and Li Xin (1 article)
Duncan, Dorothy (1 article)
Emerging Chefs (1 article)
Epstein, Susan (1 article)
Fa-Tai Shieh (1 article)
Florence Meyers (1 article)
Fong, Alison (1 article)
Fong, Stella (2 articles)
Fung, Yee-Chak (Daniel) (1 article)
Goldberg, Betty Schultz (1 article)
Goldberg, Charles F. Tang with Robert Goldberg (1 article)
Goldberg, Ivan K. (1 article)
Goldberg, Robert (1 article)
Goldberg, Sharon (3 articles)
Gray, Michael (9 articles)
Greenberg, Patricia (1 article)
Gulden, Georgia S. (1 article)
Heiss, Mary Lou (1 article)
Hom, Ken (6 articles)
Huang, Yao-Wen (1 article)
Huang Heyu (2 articles)
Innis, Drew (1 article)
Jacob, Dianne (2 articles)
Jenner, Donald (1 article)
Kapnick, Sharon (1 article)
Karp, David (4 articles)
King, Elizabeth Chiu (1 article)
Koepnick, Adeline Shun P. (2 articles)
Kong, Y.C. (1 article)
Koveos, Eva (8 articles)
Krakoff, Roberta (1 article)
Kwok, D.W.Y. (1 article)
Lamdani, Dalia (1 article)
Laudan, Rachel (3 articles)
Lee, Joanne (2 articles)
Lee, John and Helen (1 article)
Lee, Hsi Ming (1 article)
Leung, M. (6 articles)
Li, Vicky (1 article)
Lim, Imogene (5 articles)
Liu, Zhengyu (2 articles)
Lo, Eileen Yin-Fei (1 article)
Long, Janet (1 article)
Lu Ying (2 articles)
Maghsudi, Manijeh (1 article)
Marr, Lau-Kee, (Margaret) (1 article)
Martuscelli-Rodriguez, Laura (1 article)
Midi, Len du (3 articles)
Moffat, Claire (1 article)
Moriarity, Erin (1 article)
Munoz-Hamill, Elaina (1 article)
Newman, Brett (1 article)
Newman, Jacqueline M. (719 articles)
Newman, Jacqueline M. with recipes by Charles Tang (1 article)
Newman, Leonard (2 articles)
Newman, Marion Waak (1 article)
Nyitray, Kristen and Patterson, Lisa (1 article)
Pacheco, Lorena (1 article)
Pacheco, Miriam and Pacheco, Lorena (1 article)
Parasecoli, Fabio (1 article)
Persing, Daniel W. (1 article)
Powers, Jo Marie (1 article)
Powers, Jo Marie and Duncan, Dorothy (1 article)
Professor Zhao Rongguang (1 article)
Racier, Alan (1 article)
Ramachandran, Ammini (3 articles)
Rich, Helen (2 articles)
Ross, Judy (3 articles)
Ryley, Alison (1 article)
S-B-S and Chinese Restaurant News (3 articles)
Salazar, Jorge (1 article)
Salloum, Habeeb (4 articles)
Si, Wang (4 articles)
Sia, Calvin C.J. (1 article)
Sidney C.H. Cheung (1 article)
Siegel, Don (1 article)
Simrany , Joe and the Tea Council of the USA (1 article)
Sing, Joe (2 articles)
Sitsky, Bob (1 article)
Som, Indigo (1 article)
Spiller, Harley (48 articles)
Stern, Kara (1 article)
Stewart, Dana (1 article)
Stintson, Rachel (1 article)
Stony Brook University Press (1 article)
Tang, Charles F. (3 articles)
Tang-Duffy, Diana (1 article)
Tormey, Francine (1 article)
Tsai, Sirina (1 article)
Various student-contributors (1 article)
Ventorino, Jenna (1 article)
Waley-Cohen, Joanna (1 article)
Wang, Si (1 article)
Wang Si (8 articles)
Wang Yuanguang (1 article)
Wang, Tony Ta-Tung and Abelman, Lenny (1 article)
Weeks, Martha A. (2 articles)
Weijie, Yu (3 articles)
Weng , Yang Yang (1 article)
Wertz, S.K. (1 article)
White, Jill A. (1 article)
Xi Lifang (1 article)
Xu Wu (1 article)
Ying Fa Hung and Lin Zane (1 article)
Yu, Renqiu (1 article)
Zhao, Rongguang (6 articles)
Zheng Nan (2 articles)
Zheng Siyang (1 article)
Zhou Hongcheng (2 articles)
Zuo, Huiping (1 article)

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