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Food For Thought

by Jacqueline M. Newman

Dear Reader

Summer Volume: 2019 Issue: 26(2) page(s): 4

This second issue of our 26th year is the one hundred and first issue published. Most articles are on this magazine’s web site, but not the ‘Dear Reader’ columns, We do not recall how this omission began, but know it did continue with these pages omitted from our web site. Our only thought is that they discuss the particular issue contents and probably were deemed unimportant then. To be consistent, we continue this practice with no hue or cry to do otherwise.

This issue includes an article about the other main Chinese staple food. We did rice, this one discusses wheat and other flour foods, also gluten which is not always labeled as an ingredient even if is added to the product. It also has an article about Jews in China, one about Chengdu as the Capital of the Sichuan Province, and other popular foods and places. Included are Tibetan Villages, Soy: Beans, Sauces, Pastes, and (Soy) Sprouts, and doufu where one learns that not all are coagulated from ground soy beans. Enjoy them all and look forward to others which will follow ones about Dongbei which is in the Northeastern corner of China, the Dai minority population and their delicacies, the Yuan or Mongol Dynasty that ruled from 1279 CE, vegetables--- past and present, popular Chinese herbals and their medicinal uses, early sailors in the US on its East coast, and many more.

The Editor,

Jacqueline Newman

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