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Food For Thought

by Jacqueline M. Newman

Dear Reader

Fall Volume: 2017 Issue: 24(3) page(s): 4

This third volume of our twenty-fourth year is but one issue away from beginning our twenty-fifth year; and that is a milestone for us, for sure. We appreciate all kind words expressed in recent phone calls to the editor of Flavor and Fortune, which is to our knowledge, the only English-language Chinese food magazine published and printed in the US.

In this issue, be sure to read the article about the Hunan Province and its foods. Information requested often. Also check out the one about goji berries, once known as wolfberries. They are popular indeed, and very high in Vitamin C, one of fruit’s best sources of this needed vitamin.

Several who visited Beijing asked about the origins of milk and milk dishes in China’s culinary. Yogurt appears on many street corners in lovely glass or ceramic containers in this capital city and in others further north. It is usually made from cow’s milk or yak milk; and one can be substituted for the other. Take a look and enjoy the recipes using milk in this issue and others found in the recipe index listings on the magazine’s website. We apologize for no detailed nor specific answers to the myriad of questions one reader posed; forty pages in each quarterly issue are controlling. For those pleased with items about minority folk, enjoy and learn from the item about the Dai; and know that will detail the Li minority population in future issues and others.

Check out the items about Tibetan Butter Tea and the one with more about Soups and many Congees many are of Min origins. All should appreciate the article about Fin Fish, all minorities love these swimmers; and delight reading about the books reviewed in this issue. More of all of the above will appear in future issues including an article about Mongol-Chinese in the US, a growing population.

Enjoy upcoming articles about kiwi. The Chinese bitter melon, and about turtles and snails, either reviled or loved. They will be in upcoming issues; lots more, too.

Many thanks for the kudos coming our way; they are heartwarming. So are many other nice comments, and your growing number of culinary requests; and thanks for the ‘in advance’ wishes for my upcoming 85th year. We appreciate them all!

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