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Food Tips from a Blogger

by Rachel Stintson


Fall Volume: 2017 Issue: 24(3) page(s): 13

If you are anything like I am, your life revolves around food and its delicious dishes, your whole day scheduled around meals and other eating times. Without a doubt, Chinese food is one of the best in the world. So here are a handful of ways to improve your technique and outcome when preparing it. These five essential tips can make your Chinese dishes better, more delicious. You can make them so great that everyone will compliment you as their ‘best in the bunch’ chef!

1. Preparing Vegetables:
Wash greens and leafy vegetables ahead of time, not at the last moment. Let them drain and not be too wet when stirring them. Put the cut vegetables on a tray or cookie sheet so you do not forget any of them.

2. Meat and Fish Tips:
Marinate fresh meat before cooking it. Cut beef across the grain and in uniform pieces to make it more tender and cook more evenly. Make sure the wok is very hot before adding the oil, and then stir-fry the meat and set it aside, then do any vegetables. Add five-spice powder or another seasoning for depth of flavor and a bit of heat.

3. Cooking with Oil:
For stir-frying, drizzle a little down the side of the wok. When deep-frying, be sure the oil is hot enough by putting a bamboo in; when it sizzles, begin adding the food.

4.Spices and Seasoning Tips:
Use fresh ginger, not powdered. Mix cornstarch and water one to two or one to four. Add a few drops of red chili oil if a kick is wanted.

5. Rice Rules:
Use long grain cooked rice for best results. When making fried rice, use cold rice, preferable some that is one day old.

This blogger often has great ideas; check them out at: http://operationfalafel.com/.

Or contact this clever creative lady who blogs at: Rachel@e.digitworldhub.com

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