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Food For Thought

by Jacqueline M. Newman

Dear Reader

Winter Volume: 2017 Issue: 24(4) page(s): 4

Welcome to this, the last issue of the 24th year, our ninety-third issue. The first year had a single issue because it was printed in the wrong color, the wrong size, etc.

This issue leaves your editor equally red-faced, the blame all hers. More important, sincere apologies to both Li and Dai minority populations. The picture on page 17 of the previous issue is of the Li, not the Dai, as indicated. We now know why that picture went missing. It went with the article on page 17 of this issue and should not have. Check out the article about the Li doing their Bamboo Pole Dance in this issue. Again, many apologies for that error. Also for a typo on page 36 omitting a‘c’ in circa. Clearly, my mistake for these and any others made. Yes, I do need a younger more accurate editor for you, our readers. Suggestions, please.

In this issue, enjoy the article about celtuce, a Chinese vegetable not yet seen in bins in American supermarkets. It begins on page 7, and is often available in Chinese and other Asian markets. Read about it, prepare it, and do enjoy eating it; we love it hot or cold, and any way it is prepared. And do enjoy the articles about Mongolian-Chinese in the United States, and about Early Chinese Food in the United States.

Rarely seen is an item about Snails, Snakes, and Turtles; it is on page 33. Alcoholic Beverages in Early Times is unusual, too, and on page 14. The one with a mite of humor can be enjoyed on page 13, its title is Rare Dishes for Kings, Can you suggest other dishes and humorous articles? A rare report about Kaifeng: a Haven for Jews in China after the middle of the 1800s is unusual, too, and on page 22.

There are these items and others. We do call your attention to the Letters to the Editor column as it often garners special kudos from readers. We suggest you check it out in this issue and in previous ones. Use the webbased total index to do so.

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