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Food For Thought

by Jacqueline M. Newman

Dear Reader

Spring Volume: 2018 Issue: 25(1) page(s): 4

Welcome to this first issue of Flavor and Fortune’s 25th year. Thanks to Helen Chen who did remind me that her mom, Joyce Chen, was the first person this organization honored; this year is the 100th anniversary of her birth.

Living in Cambridge right after college and marriage, then in Woburn MA before returning to New York, I did attend many of her Mom’s classes. The one I recall most was in the Jordan Marsh department store in Boston. There were many others as I followed Joyce Chen, a culinary legend and great teacher, before moving back to New York City where I was born. Doing so meant lugging my toddler son and infant daughter to most of them.

At age seven, I started to tag along with my Aunt Lil and Uncle Jack to many fine Chinese restaurants; also to their Chinese friends’ homes. One was a fantastic chef and restauranteur, and like Joyce Chen, he was a great teacher and wonderful cook. After moving back, we did buy a house on Long Island where we found others to learn from. Inspired by them, and thanks to them and the thousands of Chinese cookbooks I purchased, all since donated to Stony Brook University’s Special Collections library, I did have lots of Chinese culinary education.

In this issue, delighted to share a little about Chinese New Year, their first annual Lunar holiday, and Lantern Festival which comes fifteen days later. Learned more watching my first lion dance and Lunar New Year festivities in Manhattan’s Chinatown and more.

In this issue enjoy the article about foods from the Fujian Province, and the only Chinese cookbook I wrote. Discounted copies are available for this book on the cover of this issue Most of thousands of Chinese cookbooks were purchased to satisfy my love of Chinese food, to practice making it, and I did cook one recipe from each of them.

Read and enjoy all the articles. In future issues read about other holidays, Chinese beer, bitter melon, and so much more. In this one, read about arrowhead, unusual fruits, and more. Yes, I am still looking for help; do volunteer to join this effort. At age eighty-five,

I am slowing down and do need more help; so thanks in advance.

The Editor,

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