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Food For Thought

by Jacqueline M. Newman

Dear Reader

Summer Volume: 2018 Issue: 25(2) page(s): 4

Dear Reader:

Welcome to this second issue of the 25th year of Flavor and Fortune. As always, we include many interesting items suggested. We appreciate all that cross our desk, come by e-mail, or by phone. Just a few are our solo thoughts We thank everyone for all their notions. One chap who did know my aunt and uncle who introduced me to Chinese cuisine sent several; and he reminds me of their most upbeat attitude, helpfulness, and so much more. We thank him for the memories, for those included, and others which will probably be in future issues.

Do check the article about guava. We are collecting its many medicinal uses, so do fill our heads with those you know. Likewise about sea cucumber. Bet there are many health notions we have yet to learn about. They and other notions about traditional Chinese medicine uses need to increase our knowledge base, so keep us posted more than included on pages 36 and 37.

That chap did ask us, and yes, we are still looking for editorial help, for articles, and for ideas for future issues. We always need to expand and report about everything you want to read about, so do keep anything and everything you want on your list, things you want to hear about, learn about, and whatever else tickles your imagination and your brain. In China and beyond; our world and the Chinese world are expanding. These multi-cultural explosions and integrations are ideas we look forward to adding.....so the sky is the limit, and we hope you will help expand ours with commentary and other Chinese and cross-cultural input.

This issue includes more than a handful of articles. Those of the Hakka, the Chinese government includes with all Chinese populations, in this issue. That is why we know not what the Hakka population is. And, speaking of growing, the Milu deer population is doing just that. Can you help us learn about the Milu deer as only four were left about 1900, and they were virtually extinct in China, not in other countries where they had donated some of these deer. They rare four-legged animals are discussed in the magazine called China Today in their February 2018 issue; and if you are an animal lover, do peruse that issue with that fascinating item.

The Editor,

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