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Food For Thought

by Jacqueline M. Newman

Dear Reader

Fall Volume: 2018 Issue: 25(3) page(s): 4

Dear Reader:

Welcome to this third issue of the 25th year of Flavor and Fortune. As always, we include many items readers suggest. We do appreciate all articles that cross our desk by snail mail, e-mail, or phone. Many thanks to those who send them.

The article about goose and ducks fascinate. These and all medicinal items are hard to find without a citation. Wish we had more of them. This issue also has two book reviews, one a golden oldie thanks to Harley Spiller. The restaurant review is a new eatery. The chef’s father had a very successful one when we and our children were lots younger. We loved it then, and adore it now.

Future issues will include a restaurant with many locations in China and a first in the United States. We are lucky, it is great, and not a great distance from where we live. Went there three times in its first six weeks. Other articles will be about the Hakka, an ethnic group whose size is unknown because China’s government does not consider them an ethnic minority but counts them as if a general population group.

There is also an article about the Mosou about whom very little seems to be known. Another request, frequently received, is about preserved eggs. They are explored in this issue for the many who did ask about them. Stay tuned as we dig into the many requests that come our way.

The Editor,

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