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Food For Thought

by Jacqueline M. Newman

Dear Reader

Spring Volume: 2019 Issue: 26(1) page(s): 4

Dear Reader:

For those watching or counting, this is our 100th issue, one we never dreamed of reaching. For those remembering, think we did tell you it was on its way! Sorry for this redundancy, a problem of being a golden oldie with an eye operation or the alternative is not getting here at all, so really we should not complain.

This issue has many goodies but not to bore you, just read the Table of Contents. For those who never did play or practice being an Editor, it means working on the next issue while readers get to enjoy the current one, also to think about the one after that.

For this one, we did work with one blurry eye, the other clear as can be. We were a mess, but by the time you read this, the needed operation should be history. To amuse us under this mantle of frustration, we did feel we were accomplishing something, and while doing so even organized last year’s bills and other paper work and did clean our very messy desk. Hope our mind was operating, while our brain was a bit muddled. Matters not, our desk became cleaner by the hour. That was the length of time we could remain on task. Looking at what you are holding, does look OK. Now we are smiling seeing the desk’s top the first time in weeks. Needs a bit of cleanser to be white again; next week’s task.

We have an important question many editors are now pondering, one we need your input about. It is: Should this magazine go completely digital and give up its hard copy? Economically, needs to be one or the other.

Why you ask? Many readers have asked for digital copy; are you one of them? Postage and printing are getting out of sight, time needed to put a print copy of forty pages solo is increasing. Doing so on the keyboard needs much redoing to fit into the forty pages in each issue. Young folk now-a-days do everything on the web, computer, e-mail, telephone, or using a similar tool. I know because most of our grandchildren do not hold the pages of a newspaper, book, or magazine, ever. They probably read more than we do (though that is hard to believe), and they do so on one or more of their screens. Do they miss turning pages; we would. Are we the only dinosaur in town? Please let us know what you think, and soon.

We will appreciate your thoughts by any mail you prefer, snail, e-mail, or any other. Advise sooner than later, and in some detail. We will appreciate all thoughts.

In the meantime, enjoy 2019.

The Editor,

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