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Food For Thought

by Jacqueline M. Newman

Dear Reader

Fall Volume: 2019 Issue: 26(3) page(s): 2

Dear Reader:

This third issue of our twenty-sixth year of publication of the only Chinese food magazine in the US, another milestone for this quarterly. Thanks to the many for the kind words received from subscribers, the press, and others these many years.

In this issue is an article about foods from the Dongbei region whose three Chinese provinces are in that country’s Northeastern corner. Another article is about pork belly, a five-layered meat that looks like bacon in many countries but is not smoked as it is. Pork belly is fresh in China and in many Asian countries, prepared in many ways, popular, and loved there.

Herbs and herbal dishes are also common in China. Most appreciated are uses of ginseng and gingko, as they have for thousands of years. Each uses different parts of different plants, both are adored and popular, both used for different health reasons, too. Information about them in English is hard to come by, so this article should answer many questions this magazine receives about them.

There are these and almost a dozen other articles included on unrelated topics, several dozen recipes, too, on its rear cover, and many pictures, as well. Enjoy them all, make many of them, and seek out related articles published on this magazine’s complete listing of them on its web site at www.flavorandfortune.com.

A public thank you for all the kudos that come our way from subscribers, the press too. They are appreciated as are all the requests, too. Together, we look forward to our one hundred and fifth issue, already almost complete, that follows this one. On our web are most articles, always free to subscribers.

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