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Fantastic Chinese Food Festival Tour, A

by John and Helen Lee

Chinese Food in China, Hong Kong, and/or Taiwan

Summer Volume: 2000 Issue: 7(2) page(s): 28

We are pleased to advise of a fifteen or seventeen day China food and cultural discovery tour. The longer stay includes attending a special food festival in Taipei. We can’t list everything and can not advise about the fantastic food planned. However, all the hotels are four or five star and all of the visits phenomenal. Here are just a few highlights of this great tour that begins its China component in Beijing on Friday, July 28th, 2000. It is led by John and Helen Lee of the International Culinary Exchange Council; your editor is planning to go too.

During the first week, everyone will visit many, many great sites including but not limited to Beijing’s Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, and Ming Tombs. Imagine, if you will, walking in Beijing’s Tianamen Square one morning then leaving that city and that afternoon strolling on Shanghai’s Huangpo River waterfront, called the Bund. Join the tour and that is only one wonderful thing to enjoy. Others are: After visiting Shanghai, going to Kunming seeing West Hill, the Golden Temple, and more. In Dali, enjoy Erhal Lake, the Tree Pagodas, Butterfly Fountain, Xizhou Town, and the ancient Three-Course-Tea town; more, too.

The second week starts with a private bus tour through beautiful countryside to Lijiang visiting the Black Dragon Pool, Dongba pictographic characters, Naxi culture, and the ancient Dayan Town, plus a family workshop of silver, the Yu Feng Si lamasery and its one thousand year old camellia tree, the baisha Naxi minority village, and Jade Dragon Mountain. Then it is on to Zhongdian-the Shangri-la visiting Tiger-leaping Gorge, Gedan Sumtseling Monastery, Dabaosi Lamasery, a special evening religious rite, etc.

Later that week, the group flies to Kunming and makes a very special visit to the Minority Museum there. Still later in that week, it is by air to Guilin to cruise the River Li viewing picturesque gorges and riverbank life. The boat allows disembarking in Yangshou to visit a colorful local market before returning to Guilin to tour the Reed Flute Cave. Those in the fifteen-day group fly to Guangzhou and enjoy that city before returning to the United States on Friday, August 11th, arriving home that very same day.

Those on the seventeen day visit go on to the Taipei Chinese Food Festival and leave Guilin a day earlier via Hong Kong to Taipei’s World Trade Center and Exhibition Hall. There they go to a very special food festival visiting the Main Theme Pavilion and its seafood banquets, the Special Pavilion with the Flower Banquet, Unusual Flavors and Recipes exhibits, the Cuisine Culture Pavilion, Art of Chinese Cooking and Chopstick exhibitions, view the Three Kingdoms Banquet, and see master chefs of international and local five-star hotels prepare Chinese cuisine masterpieces.

Everything at this fair is breathtaking including the Chinese and international cooking skill competitions and the master carvers of vegetables, fruit, and ice sculptures. While in Taipei, the group will tour the city and visit Food Street where a wide range of snack foods and sweets are there for the tasting. There is ample opportunity to purchase any number of books about fine Chinese cuisine before returning to the United States on Sunday, August 13th arriving that very same day (due to the time change).

The fifteen day tour is $1,695.00 in China with a single supplement costing $350.00 additional; plus the cost of international air fare to and from one's point of departure. Use of frequent flyer miles may be possible, ask John Lee about that. The seventeen day trip is $1,995.00 in China and Taiwan with a single supplement $475,00 additional; plus the cost of international airfare, as indicated.

For additional information and details, contact John or Helen Lee at the International Culinary Exchange Council, 1072 Via Alta, in Lafayette, California 94549. You can also call them at: (925) 284-2888 or fax them at: (928) 284-8181 or you can fax ISACC/Flavor and Fortune at 631/265-9126 and we will have them get in touch with you.

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