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About the Publisher

by Jacqueline M. Newman

About this magazine

Fall Volume: 1994 Issue: 1(1) page(s): 3

THE INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE SCIENCE AND ART OF CHINESE CUISINE was conceived and established in the early 1990's in response to the growing interest in Chinese food and the need for collaboration between professionals, as well as the public at large. Its purpose is to become a source of information about the scientific and artistic significance of Chinese and other Asian foods and cultures.


-To encourage exchange of ideas and information about all aspects of the science and art of Chinese cuisine

-To foster the study of foods, herbs, cuisine, customs, habits, nutrition, diet, health, medical issues, history, and technology

-To consult, advise, and in other ways assist individuals and groups, corporations, associations, government agencies, and private individuals interested in similar objectives

-To serve as an umbrella group and promote dialog on a wide range of topics related to Chinese and related Asian cuisines

-To develop and publish books and media, reports, and periodicals relating to this subject, starting with the development of a quarterly publication titled:


The Board of Directors:

Chair: Dr. Austin H. Kutscher, President, American Institute of Life Threatening Illness & Loss

Scientific Director: Dr. Ivan Goldberg, M.D. Director of the New York Psychopharmacologic Institute

Marketing Director: Joe Sing, creator and marketer of product advances in Chinese foodstuffs

Business Manager: Charles F. Tang, restauranteur, Host of Cable television's "Mandarin Wok"

Vice-Chair and Editorial Director: Dr. Jacqueline M. Newman, Professor and Graduate Program Director, Home Economics Department, Queens College-CUNY

Test Kitchen Directors: Wonona & Irving Chang, M.S.

Advertising Direstor: Douglas Gon

Financial Officer: Keith Wang, C.P.A.

Publications Manager: Roberta Halporn, M.A., and Director, Center for Thanatolgy Research

Flavor and Fortune is a magazine of:

Copyright © 1994-2024 by ISACC, all rights reserved
3 Jefferson Ferry Drive
S. Setauket NY 11720