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On Many Menus: In the San Francisco Bay Area

by Jacqueline M. Newman

Restaurant Reviews

Summer Volume: 2005 Issue: 12(2) page(s): 11 and 12

This issue begins looking at several places we ate at recently in San Francisco. They were places selected from Carl Chu’s book (see its review in this issue. We used that book during a week-long fifteen eatery escapade in the the San Francisco Bay area. Deciding on the ones to go to was tough, which ones to report on was tougher. Then there was the problem of order when writing them up. What to do? First, we decided on the ones we wanted to write about; that eliminated about half. Next, we gave each one to be reviewed a number and put those numbers on slips of paper and then the slips into a paper bag. After that, we selected slips from that paper bag, eyes not peeking. Therefore, the restaurants in this issue and the next are in a lottery-type order. More than half the places visited were stellar places worth recommending. However, readers living or traveling elsewhere want restraint as to how many we should discuss in one issue and one place. We respect that, and adhere to it, so remember, these are the best of the bunch, reviewed in random order. In this issue, read about Chef Chu's in Los Altos, Ton Kiang, a Hakka restaurant in San Francisco but not near downtown, and the Jai Yun Restaurant which is in downtown. Check each of them out, one by one, in the Restaurant Reviews area.

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