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Bookmarking Chinese Food on the Internet

by Gary Allen


Fall Volume: 2005 Issue: 12(3) page(s): 17 and 18

In previous issues of Flavor & Fortune as in Volume 7(1) on pages 17 and 18; Volume 7(2) on pages 11 and 30; and Volume 10(4) on pages 17 and 18, we provided brief surveys about some of the electronic sources about Chinese cookery and cuisine. The internet continues to grow at an incredible pace—so we recently revisited some of the old sites (to see if they are still around), to look for some we might have missed, or discover new ones that have appeared since the last article appeared.

With that in mind, this article is in four parts, as follows:
1) Websites from previous articles that have changed their location or URL 2) New or newly discovered websites
3) Web logs or ‘blogs' and 4) sites previously listed in Flavor and Fortune no longer available

1) WEBSITES FROM PREVIOUS ARTICLES WITH CHANGED LOCATIONS or the URL refined to make them more relevant to our needs:
Asiarecipe.com: China
This is a history and traveler information site with Chinese culture that includes opera, jade and kites, banquets and festivals, language, calligraphy, menus, cooking methods, ingredients, and recipes
Chinese Cooking: Part 2
This had a typo in the original URL
RecipeSource: Chinese Recipes
At this site are more than nine hundred recipes
Tsinoy.com: Comida China
Site has Chinese food with Spanish names; it is popular with Filipinos

2) NEW OR NEWLY DISCOVERED WEBSITES (if you discover others, please inform us)
Ambrosia of Ancients
Information about Chinese gastronomy
Chinese Cuisine
Here is an introduction to China, Chinese dishes, cooking methods, a Chinese pantry, and customs such as a Chinese banquet, breakfast in China, dim sum, everyday eating in China, chopsticks, restaurants in Sung Dynasty China, etc.
Chinese Cuisine and Snacks
Site includes regional foods, snacks, minority foods, historic foods, and more
Chinese Cuisine
http://library.thinkquest.org/2649/contributions/foodintro.html Is a site divided geographically, that also includes dim sum recipes and info about Chinese herbal medicine; also
Is a site is about Chinese gastronomy, and
Is a regional guide to Chinese food
Is an introduction to eating out in Beijing, and
Has detailed articles, recipes, tips, photos, shopping for Chinese kitchen essentials, etc., and
Explains Chinese regional foods, and
Is an introduction to Chinese gastronomy
Chinese Cuisine: A Primer
Provides brief histories of several categories of Chinese food and drink
Chinese Food Made Easy
Has recipes, techniques, ingredients and other links
Chinese Imperial Cuisines
Is about history, food and health, regional cuisines, stir-fried dishes, and how dishes got their names
Food Culture
http://www.travelchinaguide.com/intro/cuisine.htm Tell of Chinese etiquette and food symbolism
Symposia on Chinese Culture and Food and Beverage Management
Includes Tables of Contents for sixteen symposia. Also, the periodical Quarterly of Foundation of Chinese Dietary Culture is in English and Chinese
Tasting the Good and the Beautiful
is the Aestheticization of Eating and Drinking in Traditional Chinese Culture, a scholarly paper on Chinese gastronomy in PDF format

Since the last time one of these articles appeared in Flavor and Fortune, a new category of websites has blossomed: the web log, or 'blog' which are personal sites. They are idiosyncratic, opinionated, and often very amusing. A great number of them are devoted to food (since almost everyone feels strongly about their favorite--or in some cases, least favorite foods). These blogs contain significant references to the food of China

Liuzhou Laowai
It says it is: Random thoughts from the heart of Guangxi
A food blog with a distinctly Chinese flavor
Blog of 'an American currently residing in Shanghai'

4) SITES PREVIOUSLY LISTED, BUT NO LONGER AVAILABLE Clearly, Chinese food is prospering on the world wide web! In the next year or so, with much greater access to the internet, within China itself, we can expect to see much more—though how much of it will be available in English remains to be seen
Blowing up ducks, and other matters
Site now closed
Food and Cooking in China
Site now closed
Little Ma's Recipe Corner http://www.chinavista.com/culture/cuisine/recipes.html
Can no longer open this site
Oriental Pantry
Site now closed
Yangzhou’s Culinary Art
Site now closed
Gary Allen posts frequent updates about food-related websites, and generously distributes them, where else, but on a listserv. He has authored a book about webusage titled The Resource Guide for Food Writers (Routledge, 1999), and co-authored a book on professional table service titled: Remarkable Service. He is in the throes of completing yet others. Mr. Allen gives quite a few talks in a variety of places such as Murray’s Cheese Shop, Marymount College, etc.

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