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On Menus: In California

by Jacqueline M. Newman

Restaurant Reviews

Summer Volume: 2006 Issue: 13(2) page(s): 19, 36, and 37

Folks from LOS ANGELES often write and complain/advise that their city/suburbs have great restaurants and we do not adequately report about them. These Angelenos want more recognition for the great eateries in their part of California. In Monterey Park, we visit one with an unusual name yet only a few new concepts. A mite north and east of Los Angeles, fifty three miles to be exact, are classic finely made foods, not new but surely nifty. We try one in San Gabriel offering 'Real Peking Duck' they say. And we visit a Top 100 restaurant that many feel misses its mark.

Read about each of the four individually, in the Restaurant Reviews section. They the:

PEKING INN in Camarillo,
LU-DIN-GEe in San Gabriel, and
MANDARETTE in Los Angeles.

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