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On Our Cookbook and Cultural Bookshelves

by Jacqueline M. Newman


Winter Volume: 2006 Issue: 13(4) page(s): 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29

In the last year or two, there were requests for and appreciation of the many book reviews published. See one begging for more in the Letters to the Editor column in this issue; there are others in other issues. From these reader perspectives, more are welcome.

New Year and other gift giving makes them doubly appreciated now. With that in mind, this issue looks at many items new to our bookshelves, culinary and cultural. The culinary ones are followed by others more cultural than cookery. See each of them individually in the Book Reviews section, by title.

Enjoy reading and cooking with them, and using them for holiday gift giving. Requests continue to pour in for us to sell them, or at least to advise where those published in Asia can be purchased. Books from China might be available at a bookstore new to us; it is called Soyodo, which stands for: So You Do It). This company has nine locations in the United States. They can be reached at their web-site: www.soyodo.com or by phone: (866) 776-9636.

Those reviewed in this issue include: Soups of Fighting the Flu by Fanny Hung, Easy and Tasty Appetizers by Shun Liu Chiang, Delicious Home-made Dishes by Irene Wong, Peppery Hot by Lingyi Liu, Obsessed with Curry by Wei Chin, Fruits and Nuts by Susanna Lyle, Desk Reference to Nature’s Medicine by Steven Foster and Rebecca L. Johnson Eating and Healing edited by Andrea Pieroni and Lisa Leimar, Ginseng and Aspirin by Zibin Gou, Melissa's Great Book by Cathy Thomas, Vegtable Love by Barbara Kafka with Christopher Styler, Needles, Herbs, Gods, and Ghosts by Linda Barnes, and Secret Ingredients by Sherri A. Inness

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