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On Menus in Boston and San Diego

by Jacqueline M. Newman

Restaurant Reviews

Spring Volume: 2007 Issue: 14(1) page(s): 24, 25, and 31

Boston, called the cradle of America, is the stae capital of Massachusetts. It is where we cut our wisdom teeth about Chinese cuisine. We lived in its suburbs, still go there often, and know many of its Chinese eateries. Occasionally need an update and did want to visit a sister eatery highly touted downtown from Woburn which was reported about in this magazine’s Volume 12(4) issue on page 24. It and the others reviewed in this issue are detailed individually in the Restaurant Reviews section. Those in Boston are:

Pearl Dim Sum & Restaurant,
Peach Farm Restaurant,
New Golden Gate, and Big Fish Seafood restaurant.

In neighboring suburbs are: Changsho in Cambridge MA, and Shanghai Gate in Allston MA

Often neglected when visiting Boston or any city's Chinatown, is snacking at one or more of their Chinese bakeries. We tried three in Boston; they are worth partaking of, but were not reviewed. We did like their excellent cakes and other pastry items. Check them at, they are:

Eldo Cake House at 36 Harrison Avenue, also
Ho Yuen Bakery on 54 Beach Street; and
Hing Shing Pastry at 67 Beach Street.

In San Diego on the opposite side of the U.S.A. is this country's sixth largest city, the one said to be the birthplace of California history while Boston is America's cradle of history. It offers warm weather year-round, is the second largest city in California, is about half an hour from the Mexican border, home to more than a dozen wineries, and a place to visit a plethora of good Chinese restaurants. See those reviewed individually, they are:

Emerald Chinese Seafood Restaurant, and a Vietnamese place with Chinese overtones called
Pho Mai Vietnamese Gourmet in Temecla CA.

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