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On Menus: In Northern Mexico (at Restaurant Shanjai, and Restaurant Mandarin China, both in Chihuahua Mexico)

by Jacqueline M. Newman

Chinese Food in Central and South America

Fall Volume: 2007 Issue: 14(3) page(s): 30 and 37

Many think of Oaxaca, Cancun, or Mexico City as places south of the border; and they are. However, fewer think of or visit places farther north in Mexico. They may not know the Sierra Madre mountains or the Sonora and other deserts. We wanted to explore them, expand our knowledge of this region, and try Chinese food in Mexico's northern regions. With that in mind, we set off on a circular route that included these and the Copper Canyon. We read about the canyon in a book called: 1,000 Places to See Before you Die by Patricia Schultz.

In this issue we share two Chinese eateries in Chihuahua, Mexico, the home of Anthony Quinn. He comes from this northern region and was born in this city. They are proud of their native born son, and his statue (and that of other famous Mexican citizens); it is prominently displayed in a lovely hillside park.

In Chihuahua we learn it has sixteen Chinese restaurants. Where did we locate that bit of information; in a local telephone directory. We learn later that many are not owned nor run by anyone Chinese. Our local guide tells us there are thirty-eight Chinese families in this city of one million folk, we learn from others, all Chinese, his guess-timate is probably too high.

The daughter of the owner of the oldest Chinese restaurant says he is very wrong. Most Chinese restaurant owners, she explains, come to seek her dad's expertise. They also come to eat his Cantonese food. She and he know virtually every one of them; and they tell us that twenty families is more accurate; and they should know as they are friends with all of them.

The best ones we visited are: RESTAURANT SHANJAI and RESTAURANT MANDARIN CHINA; read about each one of these Chihuahua eateries one by one in the Restaurant Reviews section.

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