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Dongbei and Other Restaurants in Shanghai; and a Museum, too

by Jacqueline M. Newman

Chinese Food in China, Hong Kong, and/or Taiwan

Fall Volume: 2009 Issue: 16(3) page(s): 27, 28, and 29

An earlier volume had an article about Shanghai's popular restaurants, merely listingd them with a partial sentence. Below are smaller places enjoyed in Shanghai, many with no business card nor menu to share. All are worth knowing about, visiting, and eating their food. For other places, see Flavor and Fortune's Volume 15(2) on pages 34, 35,36, and 37. Information about most of those restaurants can be found in the large tour guides or on your computer. Those in this issue concentrate on Dongbei foods, are in neither location, and are places our hosts took us to. We enjoyed them all and you should, too. We suspect,you'll love the museum, too. It is:

The SHANGHAI MUSEUM at 201 Ren Min Da Dao Road; phone: 8621-6372 3500 was established in 1952, but recently moved to this address. It should not be missed as it is food for the mind. Seven floors, two are underground, and it looks like a pot with a cover on the outside. Inside it shows off artifacts from Neolithic to modern times on four of its levels. We suggest seeing them all, which does take several hours. Also visit the bookstore and their restaurant and tea shop. Both have wonderful Western and Chinese snacks, main meals, and very good tea.

This museum is exceptionally well-designed and well laid out. Do not forget to go to the information desk for the extremely well done English-language handouts about ancient Chinese sculpture, bronzes, ceramics, paintings, seals, scrolls, furniture, calligraphy, currencies, ethnic minority scrolls and crafts, and flyers about any visiting materials from the provinces or out-of-country. This mega-museum is new since our last visit to Shanghai, and its exterior is round and square showing China under the heavens and over the earth.

And while is Shanghai check each Shanghai eatery listed below and detailed individually in the Restaurant reviews section.

They are:

NANXIANG STEAM BU RESTAURANT at 85 Yuyuan Road; phone: 6355-4206
WUMIZHOU HOT POT at 138 Yu Yuan Road; phone: 6258-2377
CHICKEN SHARK'S FIN & SEAFOOD RESTAURANT at 691 Jian Guo Road West; phone: 6415-5688
DONGBEI FOUR SEASONS DUMPLING KING RESTAURANT at 379 Xikang Street; phone: 021-6258-3289, and the
JIA RONG RESTAURANT at 768 Kang Ding Road; phone: 6253 0985
SHEN DA CHENG on Nanjing Road; phone not available

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