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Chinese Museum Coming to Hangzhou

by Rongguang Zhao


Winter Volume: 2009 Issue: 16(4) page(s): 34

The Chinese say, 'in the sky there is heaven, on earth there is Suzhou and Hangzhou.' Those of us on earth need to visit heaven on earth in 2010. One will be viewing and salivating over a gustatory complex in the Hangzhou Jiangyangfan Secondary Wetland Park. It will be a visit to a museum featuring Chinese cuisine. Under construction, this permanent museum will be housed in two-story buildings above and below ground.

They will house many display areas, function areas, a conference room, a banquet hall, small shopping area, theater, and so much more. Plan to visit and enjoy that heaven on earth where one can learn about and see the food history and culture of Hangzhou, other Chinese cuisines throughout the country, even Chinese cuisine worldwide. Those who have seen or heard of the plans are anxiously awaiting its grand opening.

Relationships between Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Xiajiang, and other Chinese cuisines will be detailed. In addition, relationships between Hangzhou cuisine and those of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and other countries will be exhibited. The museum will detail China's rich dietary culture from before the building of the Grand Canal, during the Sui and Tang dynasties, the Wu Yue, Southern Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties, and through the Qing dynasty, the Republic of China and during the People's Republic of China.

Plan now to come, see, and intellectually savor China's important culinary personages, food events, and much more. The things initially exhibited are too numerous to mention but ever so many will be simulated in words, videos, and historical scenes. This museum will show many food-folk-customs and much about the importance of food to the Chinese in their country and in the world. Begin planning. You are welcome to visit this sophisticated state-of–the–art food museum dedicated to the longest continuous food culture in the world, and to Chinese food, one of the world's greatest cuisines. It truly will be heaven on earth.

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