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Chinese Food History in the 20th Century

by S-B-S and Chinese Restaurant News

Food in History

Winter Volume: 2013 Issue: 20(4) page(s): 36 and 37

A previous issue showed highlights of Chinese restaurant Cuisine during the second half of the 1800s. That was after the first Chinese came to the USA. We thank Smart Business Services and their president, Kong Yu, for these pictures. They were on one wall at the Top 100 Restaurant Awards and Conference last February, and shown in this issue of Flavor and Fortune.

Cecelia Chang was the first honoree of the Chinese Restaurant Foundation. Her 1957 restaurant was the very first to feature northern Chinese cuisine in the USA. Many pictures and information on this wall are thanks to Cedric Yeh of the Smithsonian's National History Museum in Washington D.C. and Betty Xie, editor of CRN and the first President of the newly organized Chinese Restaurant Foundation; both had input into making this wall of information. br>

The wall of Chinese restaurant information from 1900 - 1999 is shown here in two parts.

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