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Past Articles for Issue 8(4)

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Chinese Food in China, Hong Kong, and/or Taiwan
Shanghai Cuisine Revisited
Winter  20018(4)
Tibet: Crossroads of Cookery and Culture
Winter  20018(4)
Chinese Food in the USA
Seattle's International District: Then and Now
Winter  20018(4)
Fruits, Desserts, and Other Sweet Foods
Mangoes: Peaches of the Tropics
Winter  20018(4)
Letters to the Editor
TOPICS INCLUDE: Unusual foods; China trip report Part I
Winter  20018(4)
About: Holiday and other books and places to find them; Herbal resources
Winter  20018(4)
Restaurant Reviews
Minneapolis/St. Paul: A Place to Taste
Winter  20018(4)
Salads, Pickles, and Other Cold Foods
Chinese Pickles: Lightly Fermented Foods
Winter  20018(4)
Vegetables and Vegetarian Foods
Lotus: A Plant with many Purposes
Winter  20018(4)

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