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Music and Recipes of the Orient

by: Producers: Heath, Andy and Minnix, Elise

New York NY: SPD Entertainment 1999, $9.94, Paperback

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Fall Volume: 1999 Issue: 6(4) page(s): 20

This potential stocking stuffer, a CD Rom and a booklet, includes fifty minutes of traditional music and a sixteen-page booklet of fourteen recipes presented by a cartoon character called: 'The Nomadic Chef.' While only a handful are Chinese, they are easy enough for a child to make. They include traditional ingredients such as black bean sauce, rice wine, etc. The recipe titles include: Special Fried Rice, Chicken Spring Rolls, Steamed Stuffed Peppers, and Cantonese Beef. This disk has fourteen songs, one each to accompany the recipes. There are other CDs with music and recipes from more than six other countries.

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