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Famous Dishes & Great Cook: A series of three books

by: Lin Shulian; Chen Jinwan; and Huang Huailing

Beijing China: Beijing Foreign Languages Press 2002, Paperback
ISBN: varied

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Spring Volume: 2004 Issue: 11(4) page(s): 27

This group of three books are in the series titled: Cook Easy! Eat Healthy! The three books are good and interesting, and more than just recipes. Their individual titles are: Everyday Dishes, Famous Dishes & Great Cook, and Health Tonics. Their ISBN numbers are: 7119-03081-7, 7-119-03082-5, and 7-119003083-3, respectively. Their Chinese series name is: Zhonghua Meishi Xilie.

Every recipe is bilingual, some have appeared with or without variations and formats in other books. Here, some are better edited and all are beautifully presented. Unfortunately, quite a few have language and ingredient errors. Though all is not new or nifty, a good number of the recipes are. Almost all of them have a large color photograph of the completed dish and three to five smaller ones in its preparation. A few are pictured two or three dishes on a page in a large communal shot. Whle the editing surely needs help, the dishes represent foods currently written about and eaten in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. China is republishing many cookbooks now and doing so in English allowing a window on what is put out there. While this set is reasonably good, we recommend you carefully check contents before investing and making shelf space for them. If you are not familiar with the Chinese culinary, the pictures in this set tantalize, but be sure you can make them as written. Our comfort zone in this makes them a vaulable look at what is touted and tasted in current Chinese food; we hope it will be for you, too.

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