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Chinese Cuisine and the American Palate

by: Newman and Halporn

Brooklyn NY: Center for Thanatology Research 2004, Paperback

Spring Volume: 2004 Issue: 11(1)


An Anthology edited by Jacqueline M. Newman, Ph.D. and Roberta Halporn, M.A.

This book is a compilation of essays by scholars, physicians, chefs, and devotees of Chinese food. It discusses evolution and influences of local cuisines and food cultures in China and in other countries of the Pacific Rim, and it looks at American and other adaptations. It explores issues from Chow Mein and American-Chinese cuisine. It contrasts effects of immigration on new Asian-Americans and looks other issues including medicinal properties of American and Chinese diets. It even takes up knotty problems such as MSG.

Prominent authors include the editors, chefs Ken Hom and Charles Tang, Robert Lin of Nutritional International, and Dr. Ivan Goldberg of Columbia University. Their work and that of other critically acclaimed contributors make this volume ideal for classrooms, desks of food historians, offices of food journalists, homes of dedicated cooks, and hands of food lovers everywhere.

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