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Dim Sum: A Pocket Guide

by: Kit Shan Li

San Francisco CA: Cronicle Books 2004, $7.95, Hardbound
ISBN: 0-8118-4178-2

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Fall Volume: 2004 Issue: 11(3) page(s): 19

Novices, pony up; this book is for you. It shows how to use chopsticks, what the card on the dim sum table means when ordering this morning/noon/early afternoon snack meal, how and why to take the cover off the teapot when yours is empty, how to finger kowtow when someone pours your tea, types of tea to ask for with your dim sum, and more. All this before five chapters with dozens of common dim sum items illustrated, their contents described.

The chapters organize the dim sum by: Steamed, Deep-fired, Pan-fried, Congee, and Desserts. Every one is beautifully photographed, titled in Chinese, romanized to help you request it, and titled with English words. Each one also tells a bit more about its item.

This small tote teaches and introduces dim sum to those who have no clue, and those who want more confidence when ordering theirs. It is a neat gift. If not knowledgeable about dim sum, a personal gift to self can make you an expert.

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