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Practical Encyclopedia of Asian Cooking, The

by: Morris, Sallie and Hsiung, Deh-Ta

London UK: Lorenz Books 2001, $29.95, Paperback
ISBN: 0-7548-0936-6

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Fall Volume: 2004 Issue: 11(3) page(s): 20

On the verso of the title page we learn this volume is an un update of a 1999 volume, one which we never located. However, we do own a copy published in 2000 by Southwater, a division of Anness Publishing. For those who do not know, Lorenz Books is likewise an Anness division. The 2000 volume has one hundred twenty-eight pages, a different ISBN number and title, and is a variation on the theme and called: Cook's Guide to Asian Ingredients. Perhaps you recall it reviewed in Flavor and Fortune's Volume 9(2) on page 14.

We include this book not to review it, though we do like this edition better because the recipes are classified by country. However, we do so because you need to know this is a variation of that earlier item. Do not pay good money, unknowingly, for virtually the same material in reorganized format. We think it misleading when publishers do not tell that on the verso of the title page.

You can, as we did, find this edition as a remainder book for lots less money. We bought a copy to give to a friend just starting to cook Chinese food. Anness Publishing does this type of recycling often; a few other publishers do, too. Therefore, when looking at a book from this and similar 'do it again' publishers, keep in mind it is buyer be aware! Perhaps if we restrict the purchase of their books to the remainder/sale table, they will tell us when they really are republishing something.

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