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Origins of Chinese Cuisine

by: Shitao Xu

Singapore : Asiapac 2000, Paperback
ISBN: 981-229-161-X

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Fall Volume: 2004 Issue: 11(3) page(s): 20 and 21

Read, in comic book form, a lot about twenty well known Chinese recipes. Children and adults find them enjoyable, interesting, and educational. Touted as stories, anecdotes, and fairy tales, they are delicious reading about things well-known in Chinese cuisine. Though a small sampling of the approximately ten thousand or more Chinese dishes from many regions, relish and do not miss them.

Asiapac publishes many cultural comic-style volumes, this one with an oversized wok on the cover, a chap stirring and steaming up interest in Chinese food, a lovely lady serving his efforts, and two chaps devouring them.

Did you ever wonder about the origin of Beggar’s Chicken, where and what is Loaches in a Jade Box, why Zhenjiang Cured Pork comes from that province, and what is Dongpo Pork? Wonder no more. Read some tales and truths about them and other dishes called: Leather Strip Eels, Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, even a simple Sizzling Rice with Shrimp. Be a grown-up kid and savor these interesting stories.

Where can you get a copy? Grab your computer and email info@chinabooks.com or phone China Books. Ask for Greg at (415) 282-2994, and tell him where you read this info. If you live in San Francisco, do not visit them at the 24th street location. They are moving and now will only deal with wholesalers and e-mailers. E-mail or call for a catalogue and see other Asiapac books; we have a shelf-full.

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