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Chinese Food Finder: Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley

by: Carl Chu

Manhattan Beach CA: Crossbridge Publishing Company 2004, $9.94, Paperback
ISBN: 1-932296-03-4

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Winter Volume: 2004 Issue: 11(4) page(s): 23

Renamed and redone from the 2003 volume called Finding Chinese Food in Los Angeles, this 2004 edition, subtitled 'A Guide to Regional Chinese Cuisines,' is everything in that earlier edition plus all that was omitted.

Chinese in America, tea, and regional styles are but a few of the items discussed, as are the seven food styles of South China, four of Northern China, two of the Western region, two of Eastern, and two about China’s vegetarian cuisine and its bakeries. These come before a listing of restaurants by area, cuisine, and in alphabetical order. This book makes up for all the deficiencies of its predecessor which was reviewed in Volume 11 (2) on page 18 in Flavor and Fortune.

We look forward to two new volumes due out as we write. They are an edition for San Francisco and vicinity, and another for New York City and its environs. We can not wait; and will report about them as soon as they arrive, which will hopefully be ready for the next issue.

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