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Origins of Tea and Wine

by: Asiapac Editorial, compilers

Singapore : Asiapac Books 2004, Paperback
ISBN: 981-229-369-8

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Summer Volume: 2005 Issue: 12(2) page(s): 26-27

Another Asiapac winner, this one only half in comic book format. Illustrated by Fu Chunjiang, about sixty percent of the content details tea information, the rest is about Chinese wine culture. There are many photographs and considerable attention to caring, containers, and customs of both beverages. There is even a mite about the tea drinking of six ethnic nationalities and eight ethnic wine considerations. The book touts famous Chinese teas and wines, etiquette, and methods for preparing both, as well as their health giving-properties, and interesting facts and fantasies about them.

The illustrations are black and white, the cover is in color, and the contents are worth consuming. The publisher's note lists nine other Origins of... volumes in the Chinese Culture series. The six we own are recommended, as is this one. A preface by Joanne Low who works at Singapore's Tea Culture Society gives tacit credence to the tea content, and we assume, would someone have been asked, the same should be true about the book's wine wisdom.

This welcome item in many formats tells traditional rites about the two most important beverages in the Chinese culture. Drink up its knowledge!

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