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Soups of Fighting the Flu

by: Fanny Hung

Hong Kong China: Novum Organum Publishing House 2006, Hardbound
ISBN: 988-2020345-1

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Winter Volume: 2006 Issue: 13(4) page(s): 24

The Chinese believe prevention is the first medical line of attack. When illness strikes, they avoid change. This book is based upon personal experiences of the Chinese medical practitioner/author. She has a Diploma in Acupuncture and another in Chinese medicine, both from Hong Kong institutions.

With heightened interest in bird flu, this book discusses colds and the avian flu. Theories and views on both provide prevention suggestions using Chinese herbals; recipes included. Simplistically discussed and listed are six causes. Two charts illustrate problems associated with cold and hot conditions. The flu prevention section includes frequent hand washing, proper mask usage, paying attention to body temperature, awareness of weather changes, vaccination, etc. Three health-organization web sites are provided for additional information.

Before the recipes, read about and see twelve Chinese herbals to prevent colds. These include some only with Chinese names, all with English explanations. They include chrysanthemum, basil leaves, ginger, lily bulbs, white fungus, and red dates. The book includes forty-three bi-lingual recipes, each with a sentence about its function, and several tips for use.

The Chinese believe in prevention. With winter and flu season approaching, they like drinks and dishes to help boost immunity and aid recovery, The book offers help preventing flu by strengthening the body, nourishing the lungs and skin, quenching thirst, and feeding all internal organs. Loquat beverage, it says, can help do that.
Loquat Fruit Drink
10 loquats, fresh or canned
2 Tablespoon honey, optional
1. Rinse loquats, peel them, and discard the pits.
2. Put the loquats in a blender, add one-third cup of water, and the honey (if a sweeter taste is desired). Blend, then consume.

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