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Chiang-che Cuisine

by: Tony Hsu

Taipei Taiwan: Taiwan Food and Beverage Publishing Company 2006, Paperback
ISBN: 957-97803-2-3

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Spring Volume: 2007 Issue: 14(1) page(s): 18

This is the second book we know of about foods of this region. It begins with two pages about the area and four others about ingredients. The recipes that follow do omit more specific eastern regional information as to specifically where they come from. We were able to guess but only for about half of them.

In chapters titled: Cold Dish and Vegetable, Seafood, Meat and Soup, Staple Food and Pasta, Family Cooking, and Dessert, each recipe has a full-page color photograph of its completed dish, three or four smaller ones of steps in its preparation, and a few hints that help when making it. Called 'Cuisine Classroom,' they are worth paying attention to and trying. All the recipes are easy to make and the color photographs assist in so doing.
Amaranth and Bamboo Shoots
1/4 pound fresh bamboo shoot tips
2 teaspoons oil
1/4 cup amaranth leaves, minced
1 cup chicken broth
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons cornstarch mixed with two teaspoons cold water
1. Peel bamboo shoot tips and cut them into thick strips, about two inches long.
2. Heat oil, and stir-fry the bamboo shoot tips for one minute, then drain them on paper towels.
3. Boil two cups of water, using a strainer, immerse the minced leaves in it for half minute, then remove, and cool them quickly under running cold water.
4. Put the broth in a wok or pot and simmer the bamboo shoot tips for a few minutes before adding the amaranth leaves, salt, and cornstarch water. Bring this to the boil stirring until slightly thickened and clear. Serve.

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