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Tea Cuisine for Starting Business

by: Tu Zong He

Taipei Taiwan: Sanyi Books 2006, $290.00, Paperback
ISBN: 986-7308-6

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Winter Volume: 2007 Issue: 14(4) page(s): 21

The Chinese like to do business sharing tea and treats. There is a lot of information only in Chinese, and thirty treats from several countries, most Chinese. Our tasters loved the Black Pepper Seasoned Young Soya Beans, the Pearl Meat Balls, Roast Calamari, Cool Red Beans Starch Balls, and the Chasho Green Tea Noodles. They liked them with the recommended Rose Black Tea, Jadite Tangerine Tea, High Mountain Ching-Shuen Taiwan Scholar Tea, and the Ginseng-Matrimony Vine and Red Date Tea. Eating and drinking does please, and probably does a fine job of closing business deals.

This is a bilingual book with some inattention to poor spelling, incorrect grammar, etc. There are two visuals for each recipe, one large and one small, and they help. However, these types of inattention are bad for the business of publishing, too. They detract from a book that does a fine job of explaining 'horse's hoof powder' which we once saw in a recipe but had no idea what it was or where to get it. In this volume we learned that water chestnut powder is called horse's hoof powder but never learn why.

Basically, we like the book and use it here to exhort publishers, editors, and authors to pay better attention to these types of details or hire someone who will. No recipe follows because the few we tried needed adjustments. So, authors take note and do not let these problems into your publications.

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