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Chinese Immigration

by: Marissa K. Lingen

Philadelphia PA: Mason Crest Publishers 2004, Hardbound
ISBN: 1-59084-694-X

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Winter Volume: 2007 Issue: 14(4) page(s): 24

One in the 'Changing Face of North America: Immigration Since 1965' series, this book has an introduction by Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Forewords by Marian L. Smith and Peter A. Hammerschmidt, and eight terrific chapters within and beyond 'Gold Mountain,' as the United States was called.

Before the one titled: Coming to America, is one that sets the stage, it is titled: The Era of Revolution, in China of course. In it, learn about several Chinatowns and Chinese in the suburbs. Find out how some blend traditions. Get familiar with tongs and troubles. See Chinese as the mosaic they are. Key in on famous Chinese Americans and famous Chinese-Canadians. This book is a must for those who really want depth. It ends with a short Glossary, some further readings, a few internet resources; and a good cross-referenced index. Students of all ages need to read it.

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