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Cooking from China's Fujian Province

by: Jacqueline M. Newman

2008, Hardbound

Summer Volume: 2008 Issue: 15(2) page(s): 27

Praise for Jacqueline Newman's Cooking from China’s Fujian Province:

From MARTIN YAN, cookbook author and Chef of TV cookery programs:

Through her insightful writing and well-researched recipes, Ms. Newman is casting much-deserved light on the wonderful Fujian cooking and culture. Her scholarly approach and keen eye for detail make this book a joy to read and a real keeper for any library and kitchen.

From KEN HOM, cookery author and BBC-TV broadcaster: We are so fortunate to have Jacqueline Newman as a guide to Chinese cooking. Now she has enlightened us with a wonderful book: Cooking from China’s Fujian Province. She reveals, through her concise recipes, this little known regional cooking which is as delicious as any. For that, I am very thankful!

From SIDNEY MINTZ, author of Sweetness and Power: Most China scholars know Jacqueline Newman as editor of the remarkable Flavor and Fortune, for fifteen years now a growing vade mecum for anyone interested in the food of China. This book on the food of Fujian is eloquent evidence that Dr. Newman does far more than edit. Readers will learn about this province’s complex cuisine, and they can test the text, if they wish, through its eminently readable recipes. Food for thought for everyone!

From E. N. ANDERSON, author of The Food of China: This is a wonderful cookbook–authoritative, clear, well written, and above all, full of excellent recipes. Fujian, a populous province on China’s southeast coast, has as complex and intricate culinary geography as any place on earth. Yet, until now, this world of fine cooking has been almost unknown outside of the province. Dr. Newman has researched the area in detail, and found more than two hundred authentic recipes. Her book is a model of scholarship, yet is eminently readable and usable in the kitchen. Fujianese food is obscure no more, and can take its rightful place among the distinctive cuisines of the world.

From GRACE YOUNG, author of The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen: For years I have been an admirer of Jacqueline Newman's acclaimed magazine Flavor and Fortune, a testament to her inexhaustible curiosity about Chinese cuisine. With Cooking from China's Fujian Province, Newman gives us the distinctive foods of this little known region. The Fujianese recipes are among the most unusual I have ever seen and will prove a revelation to fans of Chinese cooking.

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