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Good Broth Makes Good Dishes

by: Chung-pai Liang

Taipei Taiwan: Gourmand Press 2006, $280.00, Paperback
ISBN: 986-7785-95-9

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Spring Volume: 2010 Issue: 17(1) page(s): 22. 23. 24. and 25

This book, in the 'Expert' series, has number '25' on its spine, and is bilingual. We have yet to locate any others; perhaps readers can point us in the right direction.

The broth sections are for: Chicken, Beef, Fish, Pork, and Vegetarian. Each has ten, eleven, or twelve recipes, the first of them the broth used in the ones that follow in that section. We have used them in other recipes requiring that particular broth; and we recommend you make and freeze those you like. We do that and put excess broth in ice cube trays and once frozen, pop them into plastic bags for year-round use. These initial broths are very good; and a good broth is more important than most realize. We like to make them in winter when needing to stay indoors. Then, we use them as a soup and freeze the leftovers. Do try Liang's chicken broth below; then you will understand why they are so important.
Chicken Broth
1 old hen, cut in half, then blanched
1 pound and five ounces ham, blanched
11 ounces lean pork
2 scallions
1 small piece ginger
2 Tablespoons Chinese rice wine
1. Put chicken, ham, pork, scallions, and fifteen cups water in a pot, bring to the boil, drizzle with the wine, and reduce the heat and simmer for three hours.
2. Discard all solids. Then strain remaining liquid and use as a broth in needed recipes; and freeze any not used in portions for later use.

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