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Beijing Eats

by: Eileen Wen Mooney

Beijing China: China Population Publishing House 2009, $100.00, Hardbound

Summer Volume: 2010 Issue: 17(2) page(s): 27

Priced in Yuan, this 'Immersion Guide' is written with a broad brush and is delightful to read and wonderful to use, so a Beijinger advised us. We plan to take it along on our next trip to this capital city.

A three-page introduction about etiquette and banquets precedes learning about regional cuisines, hot pot, hui cuisine, duck, and so much more. After these, are twenty-one regional food facilities followed by exclusive, vegetarian, private home, red mansion, and contemporary Chinese eateries. They are alphabetic by cuisine, not the eatery name, and each one starts with some recommended dishes.

No need to remember restaurant or street names. The book ends with nine regional maps, streets written in Chinese and English, the eateries numbered there-on. Besides detailing each restaurant, for those who are language shy, there are a couple of pages of useful expressions in Chinese, their Chinese transliterations, and they are written in English. After them, a glossary, dish index, restaurant index, and a bibliography.

Before going to Beijing, buy this book. Unable to locate a copy, contact the publisher at: sales@immersionguides.com

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