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Sweet Dynasty, a series of twelve volumes

by: Daisy Hong

Hong Kong : SCMP Publishing Ltd., Paperback
ISBN: varies, and is listed below

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Spring Volume: 2004 Issue: 11(1) page(s): varies

The author professes a sweet tooth since childhood and opens a store initially selling only sweets, the year is 1991. She calls it Tang Chao and translates this as 'Sweet Dynasty.' Now a formal eatery, her books share some of the foods served there. Not all the foods nor all her recipes are sweet, some do not include sugar, though many do. They are a well-selected cross-section of foods available in her small places, and in others in Hong Kong.

In every book, each recipe has a full-page full-color photograph of the completed dish. The ones we tried are easy to make and wonderful. Not one of the tested group was westernized, though some food in her place and throughout Hong Kong do come made or dressed with mayonnaise and other western ingredients.

We have never eaten in any Sweet Dynasty, but will seek them out on our next trip there. How can we not when we have enjoyed so many of her printed delicious delights.

As of this date, there are a dozen books, all authored by Daisy Hong, all published in Hong Kong by SCMP Book Publishing Ltd. Most are tri-lingual books in Chinese, English, and Indonesian. Each has ninety-six pages and is a paperback. Each has the same 962-17 initial ISBN numbers. Their titles, dates, as are the remainder of the ISBN numbers given below in parentheses. They are listed below in order of publication:

Sweet Dynasty Desserts © 1998 (6813-6)
Supreme Desserts of Sweet Dynasty © 1999 (8254-6)
Special Chinese Dishes of Sweet Dynasty ©2002 (8004-7)
Nourishing Soup in Four Seasons of Sweet Dynasty © 2000 (8083-7)
Festive Dishes of the Sweet Dynasty © 2000 (8254-6)
Sweet Dynasty Dainty Desserts © 2001 (8331-3)
Sweet Dynasty Nourishing Soup for Autumn and Winter © 2001 (8414-X)
Sweet Dynasty Dishes for Family © 2002 (8453-0)
Fruit and vegetables Dessert of the Sweet Dynasty © 2002 (8480-8)
Rice Cuisines for the Sweet Dynasty © 2002 (8521-9)
Traditional Home Dishes for the Sweet Dynasty © 2003 (8551-0)
Noodles and Pasta for the Sweet Dynasty © 2003 (8627-4)

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