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Traditional Chinese Culture

by: Qizhi Zhang

Beijing China: Foreign Languages Press 2004, Paperback
ISBN: 7-119-02033-1

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Winter Volume: 2013 Issue: 20(4) page(s): 15

Edited by Zhang Qizhi, this volume has eleven chapters and conclusions and is loaded with great information including that of Chinese ancestors, philosophy, ethics, humanities, ancient Chinese religions, historical relics, Chinese education, traditional and more current Chinese medicine, calligraphy, painting, Chinese food, and architecture. This book looks at them in the 21st century and opens windows and puts them in place and perspective.

In the food chapter, foods introduced in the Ming and Qing periods include sweet potato, corn, peanuts, potato, hot peppers, and tomatoes. They are discussed after exploring those that became part of China's foods earlier. These and other items help explain China's maturation, and are most useful. So are painting and other arts information, as well. Along with Chinese history, background, and other understandings, they clarify much of the culture and thinking from prehistory to today. All put China into a perspective to know and use them in meaningful and worthwhile ways.

For those that really do not understand this country, this volume does clarify a lot about its culture. While the book may not be new, it is valuable, and we do we recommend it.

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