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One Ingredient, Three Ways by Lisa Yam

by: Lisa Yam

Hong Kong China: Hai Bin Shu Gong Si 2012, $58.00, Paperback
ISBN: 978-988-202-824-0

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Spring Volume: 2014 Issue: 21(1) page(s): 23

Up to fourteen ingredients are used in three recipes in this bi-lingual book. It was written by someone you might recognize as Lisa Yam Fong. Since 1979, she has hosted many TV programs, wrote many Chinese cookbooks, and gave many private and group lessons in many countries.

Her recipes are easy to follow, all are classic Cantonese, all with Chinese ingredients. The foods are done three ways, each uses one main ingredient and its accompanying foods. These are kale, eggplant, peas, pork ribs, duck breast, chicken leg, chicken wing, beef brisket, beef, frog, mackerel, carp, squid, and prawns. Written in standard style, they are simple and tasty, provide tips before and after about the ingredients, and every recipe has a full-page color photograph of its completed dish.

This book helps those with items in their refrigerator or pantry who need some ideas about how to use them, even use them up. This is better than looking into several cookbooks for ideas. However, the pictures need consistency as the ingredients listed are not always seen in the photographs.

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