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Good Chinese Daughter

by: Elizabeth Chui King

Hong Kong China: Elizabeth King Chiu 2016, $130.00, Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-692-68163-3

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newan
Winter Volume: 2016 Issue: 23(4) page(s): 18

This Good Chinese Daughter inspires and mesmerizes. It is a tale hard to put down. The author is caught between two worlds sharing differences ancient and modern in China and in the United States (US). Her life begins with unconditional love from her Chinese Amah and continues as she is traumatized by her socialite-ignoring mah-jong-addicted brow-beating mother. Mixed in one reads about the brutality of an Imperial army, the family house being burned to the ground, and more.

As the oldest daughter who helps at home, shares chores, tends younger siblings, and does her mother’s bidding, she never complains. But she does desperately want her mother's love; and it is never forthcoming.

In later life even with a loving husband, two great sons, a plethora of caring and committed friends, success at work, she is a spokesperson for her community but still has a hole in her soul. It needs filling and remains empty until her first burst of anger at her mom when elderly. Prayer and silent meditation does break her angst. At their last meeting, she does find peace. This almost reconciliation ends as she explores Chinese love in China and in the US. Peace bridges the many gaps for this Good Chinese Daughter.

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