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Family Style Chinese Cookbook

by: Shanti Christensen

Berkeley CA: Rockridge Press 2016, $17.98, Hardbound
ISBN: 978-1-62315-761-6

Reviewed by: Jacqueline M. Newman
Summer Volume: 2017 Issue: 24(2) page(s): 24

This set of simple recipes and a few sophist icated ones are popular in homes visited with families in China by a food editor for Time Out Beijing from 2005.

The book starts with a Foreword by Bee Yinn Low, author of Easy Chinese Recipes and a food blog with much in common. Shanti’s was called ‘Show Shanti,’ Low’s ‘Rasa Malaysia’ and they share many Chinese meals together. Their blogs and books are loaded with culinary experiences and delicious recipes.

Christensen’s book begins with an introduction then details thirty pantry items on seven pages, twelve essential items of equipment on three others, three more about eight cutting techniques and five for cooking, an entire page sharing how to season a wok, followed by nine basic recipes, almost all include a cooking or ingredient tip after them.

There are ninety-one recipes, each with a paragraph discussing various aspects about it. After them, eleven resources, five are web sites., and two pages list recipes by title, followed by eight three column ones with recipes by main ingredients.

Inside the rear cover, a color picture of the author and a paragraph about her sharing that she lives near San Francisco. A few other color pictures are between each of the eight chapters illustrating many completed dishes. Some have fascinating titles such as the one referring to its main ingredients, corn and green soybeans and the acreage needed for them to support a family.

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